Yogi Dev Singh

Yogi Dev Singh

About Yogi Dev
Dev Singh was born in Chandigarh, northern India. His early childhood was strongly influenced by various classical Indian music gurus and at a young age, he started his musicology studies. He has followed the ancient tradition of Guru-Shishya system (an intimate master-student relationship), in which the Guru passes knowledge through the spiritual, intellectual and emotional bond between them.

This early education included the history of Indian classical music and understanding the complex rhythmic and melodic structures (called Ragas). Across his learning years, Dev Singh’s teachers (Gurus) introduced him to spiritual and healing aspects of Indian classical music, which included music (Nada, Mantras) and meditative (Dhyana) Yoga.

Experiential Session on Nada Yoga: The yoga of sound, vibrations and chakras
Do you want to connect with yourself? Hear your inner Sound?
Nada Yoga is conscious process of tracing the sound back to its psychic and more subtle
manifestation to the source. This experiential session Yogi Dev will guide you through the Nada Yogi journey, which starts, from listening to gross sounds, and then listening to subtle sounds and finally listening to your inner Sound (nada).

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August 3, 2018