Amanda Koh

Kalari Yoga, Singapore



Amanda Koh is an E-RYT500 YACEP international yoga teacher based in Singapore. She teaches yoga and movement from the unique interface of the Mindful Mobility and Functional Flexibility (MMFF) syllabus that she has created over the last decade, and has taught workshops and teacher trainings in Australia, North America, and her home region of SouthEast Asia. Her Kalari Yoga sessions are a fluid, non-traditional movement-based vinyasa that is inclusive to yoga practitioners of all levels, that enables the eccentric strengthening of the body’s core stabilizer muscles, creating increased range of motion through mobility, freedom from tension and gracefulness in strength.

Having spent the first decade of her professional life as an arts academic and educator, her experience in pedagogy and dramaturgy makes her extremely effective in the delivery of content and concept.

In Singapore, Amanda teaches at Shiva Yoga Studio as its principle teacher, Fitness First Singapore, as well as her home studio within her living space. Because of her innate ability to teach and command a presence with an audience, her classes have always been well sought after in the 14 years she has been teaching yoga.

Amanda is dedicated to inspiring and enabling people to live as their authentic selves, and to discover the strength, grace and beauty they hold within, through the celebration of life that is Yoga.