Sylvana Miller



Sylvana has 19 years experience as a soft tissue therapist in bowen therapy & Thai massage, she been practicing yoga for 20 years and been teaching yoga for 8 years at her farm studio Yoga on the Farm, in Serpentine. 

This Myo-Yin Special will combine ball roll techniques with yin yoga poses for the overall wellness, which leaves you deeply relaxed for a smooth start into your weekend.

Yin Yoga is a gentle practice of long hold passive positions, to slowly release connective tissue and muscle from contraction. Through these long postures our nervous system relaxes our source energy is able to flow with more ease through the body and a feeling of wellbeing and calmness expands within.

Myo Fascial Release works first on the muscles and deeper tissues with the help of tennis balls or similar to release a step deeper than usually. Ball roll techniques can reach deeper layers in our connective tissue and improve hydration and circulation to release pain and stiffness.

Benefits are more mobility, hydration of the muscles, increased blood flow, pain release and more.

So, get ready for a of well-founded and in-depth Myo-Yin class.