Indi Eade

Indi Eade

“In his yoga classes, Indi aims to bring joy and lightness to the spirit and from this space guide students into deeper states of relaxation and stillness. It is his hope that students step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Yoga has been a part of Indi’s life since 2001 when he began to explore different ways to work through health issues and stress. Practicing regularly lead to improvements in physical health and began a love affair that has grown deeper through the years. In 2015 he completed his 500hr teacher training in Ashtanga yoga. Indi is known for his friendly and quirky approach to teaching and for his proficiency and generosity in sharing his knowledge.

Indi also has a deep love of music spending many years playing the guitar, drumming and producing music. This love of sound and long practice of yoga and meditation combined with a keen interest in sound meditation and the ability of sound to alter states of consciousness. With his extensive teaching background and sensitivity, Indi now leads meditation sound baths to help others experience deep states of relaxation, peace, rest and healing through sound.”


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August 7, 2018