Daniel Marchant



My yoga story begins in a Hospital Bed, the news was AML Acute Myeloid Leukaemia not the best start to one’s birthday. Yes, it was on my Birthday when I received this news, What I discovered very quickly is life is not as it seems the things, we hold of the upmost importance are actually the most irrelevant aspects of our life. And the actual joy in simply existing is the gold that sets apart an ordinary life from an extraordinary existence. Yoga in its totality is the vehicle that has the power to create your extraordinary life.

During my battle with Cancer, my later Divorce and loss of all the things I’d strived to build in my lifetime. Came the understanding that my happiness in any moment was an internal dialogue with myself and the way I interacted with my body, mind and energy was in fact of the upmost importance to the creation of my reality.

Yoga my friends is a science which has had yogis for thousands of years seeking the best methods for this internal Dialogue.

My aim is that you won’t need to tread my path but you can extract the gold from what I’ve learned. My deepest wish is for you and all beings, including all excluding none, to find the inner gold of their existence.

My Yoga experience has taken me to countless trainings and an intense personal yoga education which has allowed me to find the difference between what is actual yoga and what is sold as yoga but has little to no benefit in extracting that gold in your life.

My Vision is to see you, A yoga student, excel into the person you want to be, to find a deep peace within your own heart and an understanding that you are an incredibly unique perfect version of life that is here to live filled with the deepest Contentment and connection. Its time to awaken to your own innate luminosity.
This is what I Teach
This is my Quest
This is my Dharma.