Michelle Norton



Michelle believes in starting each morning with gratitude & moving into your day from this space. 
Growing up in WA, Michelle is fortunate to be surrounded by beauty. Being most happy out in nature. Enjoying our beautiful beaches &/or amongst the trees. Her passion is using plants as food & medicine. 
Her love of nature & the healing qualities it provides us are brought into her teaching. Practising mindful movement with a deep awareness to breath & body connection. Yoga for the nervous system. Whilst also focusing on philosophy & the spiritual practices of yoga. 
Michelle has been practicing & teaching yoga for 30 years,with her partner & 3 children  joining her on this journey. Living Loving Life. 
Offering classes, private sessions, 1 day workshops, beach yoga ( summer only) & has hosted international yoga retreats. 
Michelle believe if we have a connection to nature, healthy lifestyle & incorporate a regular yoga/meditation practice into our day with focus to the healing power of the breath, we can all thrive together.