Natalie Djurdjevic

Nataraja Movement



Natalie has over two decades of movement teaching experience as both a martial artist and a yogi. An anatomy and fitness lecturer since 2012 and one of the founders of AirYoga Perth, she was inspired to start her own fitness business, Nataraja Movement, in 2017. Natalie teaches in a workshop style with special emphasis on anatomy, posture and modifying yoga poses in order to educate and empower her students. Her focus is to improve her clients’ movement potential and to reduce common aches and pains that result from living in our modern times.

Natalie recently presented at the IDEA Fit conference in Shanghai, China and she has presented at the West Australian Fitness Industry and Fitness Industry Conventions in Australia. Natalie enjoys the challenge of working with specific population groups (i.e. individuals with diseases, disorders and conditions that require special attention) and provides modifications so that people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities can participate in her classes. Natalie is committed to making movement appropriate and accessible to her clients.

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