Susan Duncanson



Susan is a Hatha Yoga Teacher, a most Grateful Human and life Lover. She is also Founder and Owner of Hatha Tree Yoga and Wellness where the focus is on Holistic Wellbeing.
Susan is able to bring her scientific background to her Yoga, integrating the knowledge and wisdom of both Eastern and Western healing modalities.
Susans Breath Centered Yoga classes are focused on finding where we are now and embracing the
Susan is able to infuse her life passions of sustainability, mindfulness, and harmony with nature into her Yoga Teaching.

I feel so blessed to have enjoyed such a long Yoga practice, it has really allowed me to experience first hand, how we can sustain a practice through the many changes that time brings, changes not only to our physical bodies , but also to our sense of being a part of something bigger.
I am so passionate to share how a Yoga Practice can allow us to feel the flow of life, at any age or ability. Being flexible is definitely not a requirement.
We humans have a huge responsibility to care for ourselves, each other and our beautiful blue planet.
With Love Susan – Hatha Tree Yoga and Wellness