Susan Duncanson



Susan has a deep commitment for Yoga, and a strong passion to share her understanding that Yoga is for Every Body. A 500hr trained Hatha Yoga Teacher, Susan has gained experience in teaching small and larger groups, facilitating workshops, and offering private Yoga classes. Her experience has extended her teaching to include Vinyassa and Chair Yoga.

Susan brings a scientific background to her Yoga, integrating the knowledge and wisdom of both East and West. Susan culminates the breath, body, and mind, to present an accessible breath centred Yoga practice. Susan’s ethos of sustainability, mindfulness, and harmony infuses through her Yoga Teaching, bringing awareness towards a whole you, just as you are, in this time and this place.

I believe that yoga is not as much about the doing, as it is about guiding us toward the present. Through our practice we can begin to bring Wisdom, Strength and Grace to our decision making, for ourselves, all living things and our planet. Through our practice, we feel a shift in our existence
toward oneness.

Susan – Hatha Tree Yoga and Wellness