Taylor Nelles

Hot Yoga Bunbury



Since her first Bikram yoga class more than ten years ago, Taylor has been addicted to the hot room and has travelled the world in search of the heat. Taylor is originally from Canada and moved over to Australia a little over 5 years ago. As an ex-personal trainer now yoga teacher Taylor always had a passion for movement, but it was only after struggling with fatigue and injuries Taylor decided to look even deeper into her own body, finding that everything needed to feel strong, energised and healthy was achievable on the mat.

Taylor believes in the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness meditation to overcome distraction and ego. With more than 500hrs of Teacher Training, mindful living and movement is reflected in Taylor’s classes that infuse philosophy, anatomy and science. Her love and passion for health, wellness and wellbeing comes together in her yoga style; a balance of mental and physical energy, presence and awareness, on and off the mat.

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