Tim Henworth

Totem Yoga



wwTim is a certified Vikasa Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher, along with being a life coach and personal trainer; but his true passion lies in unlocking the connection with the true self and the wisdom of the natural world around us. Tim combines his powerful Hatha Vinyasa yoga with the symbolic medium of Totems to take you through a journey that which challenges you, weaving breath, movement and meditation together seamlessly into a story that’s truly your own. “Yoga to me is an awakening. Yoga allows us to explore a wild and untamed aspect of ourselves. It teaches us to be free, to act in the moment clearly and consciously, with poise, strength and balance.

Yoga is a path to living a life in the qualities of nature, it is infinite, it is our moment.” Tim creatively incorporates and teaches hand balance and inversions into the practice “These postures are fertile ground for grounding, because they quickly show us our edges. Our road blocks become more obvious. For this very reason, they’re revealing, bringing us ever closer to facing our fears. Unstable, unusual: these are the conditions of the typical hand balance. much is required for us to find ease and power under these conditions. We have to allow ourselves that moment of being present to find the peace within the pose, and peace within ourselves.” Join Tim on the mat to explore the wild world within us. “May your mind be fierce, your body strong and your spirit free”

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